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Are You Leaving Touch Points At Risk?

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Fingers touch the back of the handle, which is often missed during disinfection, making this a high risk area.

Coronavirus is on the rise again.

Could one reason be down to the effectiveness of disinfection processes being used?

MotorScrubber LTD, UK Manufacturers of Cleaning Equipment, strive to inspire and educate global organisations, by providing professional machinery, cleaning practises and scientific research.

In the beginning of the global Coronavirus pandemic, MotorScrubber needed to help organisations around the world with touch point disinfection. MotorScrubber strived to deliver the ultimate solution.

Keeping a close eye on the industry and the disinfection equipment being rushed to the market, in-house experts at MotorScrubber began testing many sprayers and disinfecting machinery. MotorScrubber highlighted particular concerns, when many of these machines were used for touch point disinfection.

Imre Killi, Inventor and CEO at MotorScrubber stated:

During our research, we have seen many videos of equipment being used, even manufacturer promotional videos showing their sprayers being wafted from 60 or 90cm spray distance.

During our product research testing phases, we investigated these machines and were shocked at the results. We discovered gaps as big as 5mm between droplets of the disinfectant resulting in less than 30% surface coverage and a chemical drying time of less than 30 seconds.

These discoveries resulted in the contact time not being achieved, rendering the whole process ineffective.

An image showing gaps left between disinfectant droplets on a door handle, after unsuccessful disinfection.

The issue is that a lot of the equipment on the market are general sprayers, designed for many applications and are not specifically designed for virus disinfection.

The second high risk situation is the reverse side of door handles, due to sprayer machinery failing to give coverage on the reverse side.

There is a lot of science involved to create a Perfect Liquid Layer suitable for disinfection. We evaluated spray distance, application speed, pump pressure, flow rate, particle micron size, and spray angle”.

Through these thorough investigations, MotorScrubber specifically developed STORM™ for fast, targeted, and controlled touch point disinfection in the fight against Coronavirus.

Powered by MotorScrubber Battery Backpack Technology, STORM™ gives the freedom to safely disinfect on the go, with no trailing cables to contend with.

An image of MotorScrubber STORM™ applying a Perfect Liquid Layer of disinfectant to the front of touch points.

With its unique atomisation, STORM™ allows you to quickly and effectively disinfect all flat, frequently touched surfaces without the need for wiping, by applying a Perfect Liquid Layer of disinfectant with no gaps.

During the disinfection process, there are many awkward 3D touch points and objects that need disinfecting. To assist the STORM™ in combating these concerns, MotorScrubber developed the M-Wipes System.

The onboard disposable, non-absorbent M-Wipes, allow you to apply disinfectant to the reverse side of any 3D touch point, whether the material is conductive or non conductive.

This ensures a Perfect Liquid Layer of disinfectant is applied to these high risk areas, often missed by other equipment. This unique process vastly reduces the risk of cross-infection. 

Image of M-Wipes creating a Perfect Liquid Layer of disinfectant on the reverse side of touch points.

Introducing the new standard in touch point disinfection.

STORM™, the patent pending spray applicator, with wearable M-Wipes dispenser and waste pouches, now allow the operative to disinfect all dimensions and all surface types to a new higher standard.

As we enter the second peak of Coronavirus, the importance of thorough disinfection processes are more important than ever. Professional Virus Control products, empower cleaners to move the world forward and prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Are you ready to take your disinfection to a new level?

View success stories from prestigious global brands using STORM™ within the Travel, Leisure & Sport industry sector from our customer testimonials.



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