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SHOCK, the lowest profile floor scrubbing machine in the world, has been recognised at Europropre - France’s largest tradeshow - with a coveted Innovation Trophy.

Winning the Electric Equipment Category, the awards were decided by an expert panel of industry professionals led by Philippe Jouanny, President of The Federation of Cleanliness and Hygiene Companies in France (FEP).

SHOCK was invented by Imre Killi and designed by a team of Product Design Engineers at MotorScrubber - the industry leaders in powerful small-area cleaning. Following three years of intensive development and testing, SHOCK will transform the way the industry tackles cleaning difficult to reach areas, including edges, skirting boards, stairs, walls, toilet cubicles and more.

Enabling teams to clean faster, lower and better, MotorScrubber’s patent-pending SHOCK is incredibly customisable. Utilising its quick-connect seismic weight kit, users can choose between increased downforce or enhanced manoeuvrability to take on any cleaning challenge. Its hygienic MAGPlate magnetic pad system makes transitioning between cleaning areas swift and easy. And its soft-rubber glide wheels protect walls and floors during targeted edge cleaning.

Imre Killi, SHOCK’s Inventor and MotorScrubber’s CEO says:

“We’re thrilled to have been recognised with our first award for SHOCK, and receiving an innovation award is a real testament to the work that has gone into creating this machine. Not only have we created a machine that cleans lower and faster – we've also created a small area floor cleaning solution that considers the user experience.

Musculoskeletal disorders are the biggest risk factor for professional cleaners. Setting high ergonomic standards, SHOCK is significantly lighter than other machines, features a telescopic handle to remove the need to bend, is powered by MotorScrubber’s GEN3 backpack which includes back support, and is easy to use, with isolated vibrations to protect the user.

Every part within SHOCK has been considered, tested and refined to within fractions of a millimetre to guarantee a positively shocking clean. It’s going to transform the cleaning industry, and we can’t wait to see it in action.”

SHOCK launches in Europe in June. To find out more visit our SHOCK product page.



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