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Become a MotorScrubber Distributor

We are looking for long term partners, willing to dedicate time and focus into building

the MotorScrubber brand in their country. 

It starts with a vision...

It starts with a vision...

Every building needs

a MotorScrubber.

The potential for MotorScrubber is huge.

We are the market leader in compact scrubbing machines, producing the highest quality, most powerful machine on the market. 

Every hospital, education establishment, bar, restaurant, hotel, sport centre, and leisure facility should be equipped with the DMT system + Virus Control to ensure all areas, floors and surfaces are transformed.

DMT System + Virus Control

What is the DMT System + Virus Control?

The DMT System is the ultimate deep cleaning and virus control system, making cleaning faster and safer, whilst achieving outstanding hygiene results on all floors and surfaces.

MotorScrubber Dual power backpack

1 Backpack. 2 Machines.

Powered by the same battery-powered backpack system, switch effortlessly between JET3 and STORM® to deep clean and disinfect all floors and surfaces.

MotorScrubber DMT system hung on wall dock
M-Wall Dock logo

Smart Storage.

Wall Dock mounts your DMT System + Virus Control to the wall for easy and convenient storage.

JET3 on shiny floor with water droplets

Sensational Deep Clean + Superior Disinfection.

The DMT System + Virus Control combines deep cleaning and disinfection, creating the ultimate, professional cleaning system.

What is the potential for DMT System + Virus Control?

MotorScrubber JET3 and BLADE spraying solution.

There is great potential for the DMT System + Virus Control, creating the need for every commercial building to have it as part of their cleaning process. 

The system cleans those hard to reach areas other machines cannot access. Deep cleaning underneath units and tables, corners, grout and stairs, as well as disinfecting common touch points and surfaces.


Advantages of
becoming a distributor. 

See below the key advantages of becoming a distributor.

Percentage discount on red balloons

Start on our

high-end discount 


As your volumes grow, so will your discount.

map of the world

You will be added to our website map


Any sales leads coming through our website, social media and international trade shows that are in your country will be passed straight to you.

Motorscrubber STORM brochure

You will be given FREE brochures and marketing support

You will also be given access to our OneDrive shared file, which contains all our marketing and technical support.

MotorScrubber sales rep with M-Case Pro demo case

Let us know how many sales people you have


We will offer a special demo price to equip them with a full demo kit.


Requirements of

becoming a distributor. 

See below the key requirements of becoming a distributor. The results will be an extremely, profitable product line for your company, which will open doors and satisfy your clients with a real cleaning solution.

Marketing team having a meeting in office

Internal Marketing Office


To promote the products through social media and digital marketing, with inside sales support to grow your customer base.

Inside MotorScrubber warehouse

Equip your sales team with demo equipment


You are invited to our factory in Sheffield, UK for sales and product training. Alternatively arrange a Video Training call.

Distributors in a warehouse

Minimum Order Quantity


Ranging from 4 Machines to 1 pallet depending on your Distributor Level.

MotorScrubber Showroom Display

MotorScrubber display in your showroom


Include showroom display, demo case and wall dock for the most effective way of displaying the products.

Become a MotorScrubber


Ready to become a MotorScrubber Distributor?

Use our map to contact our relevant teams for your area, alternatively complete our online distributor form and one of our team will be in touch.

Become a Distributor Today
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