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MotorScrubber STORM - Buy the Best Disinfectant sprayer Online for best cleaning results


STORM®  - Invented specifically for fast, targeted cleaning and disinfection of common touch points.

STORM®  with Backpack


£ 499 (exc. VAT)    |    $ 629USD (exc. TAX)

STORM®  Wand Only


£ 155 (exc. VAT)    |    $ 199USD (exc. TAX)

STORM® Features

Choose wand only option if you already own a MotorScrubber JET/JET3 backpack.

Battery Backpack


( 3-4 hour runtime - 1hr 50 continuous )

Targeted Spray 

On Demand

Ballistic, High Speed

Swirl Nozzle

( 68 Micron )

1 Year


Register your STORM to extend your warranty from 12 months to 3 years. Simply locate your unique serial number and fill in the form online.

Start Being Proactive.

With Cleaning & Virus Control


STORM® & M-Wipes

Trusted by worldwide prestigious organisations to help fight the spread of Coronavirus.


“A welcome addition to our armoury in our fight against COVID-19” 

We have utilised the a number of the MotorScrubber devices throughout the pandemic to ensure our staff and customers alike are kept safe. We have invested in the MotorScrubber STORM® to ensure we are able to sanitise our trains throughout the day, this has been a welcome addition to our armoury in our fight against COVID-19.

The product is lightweight, well built and easy to use and we have received positive feedback from our customers when they have seen us using this device. 

It does exactly what is say on the tin and we plan on working with MotorScrubber on more innovation for rail. 


Mark Gaeta 

Mark Gaeta, Head of Presentation LNER

MotorScrubber STORM - Buy the Best electric disinfectant sprayer Online

Ballistic Performance.

At 68 micron, the built-in Ballistic, High Speed, Swirl Nozzle, allows STORM®  to effectively clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces.

Targeted Disinfection.

STORM® delivers a targeted liquid layer of detergent and disinfectant, for effective cleaning and virus control. 



MotorScrubber STORM - Buy the Best electric disinfectant sprayer Online

Battery Operated.

Powered by MotorScrubber Battery Backpack, STORM®  gives the freedom to safely disinfect on the go, with no trailing cables or heavy bottles or containers of fluid to contend with.

Single Button System.

The single button, spray on demand feature, allows STORM® to quickly and easily apply detergent and disinfectant.

Ergonomic Design.  

Person wearing STORM backpack, with a green spine glowing

Comfortable and Lightweight.

Battery-powered backpack is secured to the waist, maintaining perfect posture.

Hand holding storm showing green bones in hand

Easy on the wrist.

At just 0.3kg (0.66lbs), the STORM® wand is lightweight designed for prolonged use.

MotorScrubber STORM - Buy the Best electric disinfectant sprayer Online

Are You Leaving Touch Points At Risk?

The reverse side of 3D touch points are often missed during disinfection, making this a high risk area.



M-Wipe Features
MotorScrubber M-Wipes Logo

Wipe Out The Risk.

Specifically designed to work in conjunction with STORM® to apply disinfectant, M-Wipes ensure a Perfect Liquid Layer is created on the reverse side of 3D touch points, vastly reducing the risk of cross infection.

M-Wipes Kit


£98.78 (exc. VAT)    |    $128.89 (exc. TAX)

MotorScrubber STORM - Buy the Best electric disinfectant sprayer Online
M wipes on storm





Quick Wipe


1 Year


Liquid Layer. All Dimensions. All Surfaces.

With M-Wipes

MotorScrubber backpack with M-Wipes attached

On Board System.

Fitting to the existing backpack belt system, the wipe dispenser and disposal pouch, allow for rapid wipe release and convenient wipe disposal.

3D Touch Point Disinfection.

Use non-absorbent, M-Wipes to ensure the reverse side of the 3D touch point is also fully covered with disinfectant. 



Technical Specification

STORM® Specification

3 Hour


Up to 8 Hours

Charge Time


Machine Weight


Backpack Weight

1 Litre




  • Imperial Specifications
    Runtime - Up to 3.5 Hours Charge Time - Up to 4 Hours Machine Weight - 2.4kg/5.4lbs Machine Dimensions - H38cm - 240cm
  • Technical Features
    Linear Performance - 666 m/hour (2244 ft/hour) Brush Pressure - 5 kg = 19.7 g/cm² (11 lb = 4.48 oz/inch²) Motor Torque - 11.18 g/cm1096.3 mN.m
  • Multiple Handle Lengths Available
    Small Handle • Solid • 38cm (15in) • For eye level cleaning. (Includes backpack) Medium Handle • Telescopic • 70-140cm (27.56-55.12in) • For regular floor cleaning and occasional wall cleaning (Includes backpack) Long Handle • Telescopic • 120-240cm (47.24-94.49in) • For regular high level wall cleaning and occasional floor cleaning. (Includes backpack)
  • High Torque Motor
    Our M10 motor delivers 10,000rpm, geared to 360rpm. Still spins at over 200rpm when 7kg (15.4lbs) of weight is applied to the machine. The super reliable high torque motor gives outstanding cleaning results.
  • Heavy Duty Machine
    Boasting forged alloy gears and a high impact, glass filled nylon casing, the M3 is built for years of trouble free use.
  • Upgrade M3 To Include Suction
    Add the suction kit to upgrade M3 to dry as you scrub. Click here to find out more
What's In The Box

What's In The Box?

STORM machine spraying disinfectant.


MotorScrubber STORM backpack

STORM® Backpack

STORM®  with Backpack


£549.00 (exc. VAT)    |    $699.00 (exc. TAX)

STORM®  Wand Only


£159.00 (exc. VAT)   |    $199.00 (exc. TAX)

Choose wand only option if you already own a MotorScrubber JET/JET3 backpack.

MotorScrubber M-Wipes Wipe Dispenser Pouch
MotorScrubber M-Wipes Waste Disposal Pouch
Roll of 100 MotorScrubber M-Wipes

M-Wipes Kit


£98.78 (exc. VAT)    |    $128.89 (exc. TAX)

Individual Prices

M-Wipes 1 box = 6 rolls of 100 wipes - £47.88*  |  $61.99*

Wipe Dispenser Pouch - £24.95*  |  $32.95*

Wipe Disposal Pouch - £25.95*  |  $33.95*

*exc. VAT/TAX

Wipe Dispenser Pouch

Wipe Disposal Pouch

One box of M-Wipes

Related Products

Related Products


Foldable Bottle Carrier

Need more capacity? Featuring 8 slots for carrying 1 litre (0.25gl) refill, bottles or rolls of M-Wipes.

Bottle Carrier Only £34.95*  |  $54.95*

Bottle Carrier with

6 Bottles

£51.03*  |  $81.83*

*exc. VAT/TAX


Spray - Scrub Technology

Add JET3 to deep clean all floors, surfaces, walls and stairs.


Deep Clean & Disinfect.

Powered by the same battery backpack system, switch effortlessly between STORM® and JET3.

To disinfect surfaces, use STORM

To deep clean floors, use JET3

Dual Power
MotorScrubber products stored on M-wall dock.
M-Wall Dock logo

Smart Storage.

Wall Dock mounts your equipment to the wall for easy storage. 

Stores DMT System - JET3, BLADE and STORM®

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