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MotorScrubber is the market leader in compact floor scrubbing machines. We focus on performance and speed so you can deliver exceptional results in the quickest possible time.

We push the boundaries of what is mechanically possible, setting standards through invention and innovation. Our talented in-house design team meticulously engineers every element to guarantee longevity and reliability in all our machines.

Our vision is simple; every building needs a MotorScrubber. 



MotorScrubber launched in the UK with a single product in 2012. For over a decade we have evolved by inventing and innovating to bring revolutionary new products to the forefront of the cleaning industry. 

In every commercial building, there are cleaning challenges that cannot be overcome with large, 
bulky machines. We explored the limitations held 
by existing tools and noticed that their cumbersome design prevented them from doing their job and produced disappointing results.   


We identified a gap in the market for machines 
that effectively eliminated dirt from small, confined, hard-to-reach areas. And worked to design and creation solutions to solve these problems. 



Following the relaunch of our Generation 2 products in 2016, we invested considerable time in improving our technical features to deliver even better results.


As we developed our products, we also expanded our distributor network and introduced MotorScrubber to businesses all over the world.


To this day, we continue to grow our network of representatives. To find out how you can become a distributor, contact us today.



In 2018, PROWASH joined the MotorScrubber range, closely followed by FORCE in 2019. 


The introduction of these products allowed us to expand into exterior, signage, and cladding cleaning, in addition to coupling with larger scrubber dryer machines to provide unbeatable results across 100% of the floor. 



In 2020, as the pandemic approached, we developed and relaunched our Generation 3 products, continually innovating and transforming cleaning around the world.


BLADE and STORM became pandemic essentials, keeping customers, staff, and companies safe across all industries. From hospitals to schools, train stations to kitchens and everything in between, we championed cleaning and helped numerous organisations weather the storm brought on by the pandemic.



As we emerge from the pandemic, we continue to innovate, develop new ideas, and create products that allow you to tackle every cleaning challenge. Now, our focus has shifted to our two latest innovations, SHOCK and DRYFT, which are set to totally revolutionise the cleaning industry.


MotorScrubber is renowned around the world for robust build quality and reliable equipment. We design our machines to be unstoppable, no matter what you throw at them. Our newest products will be no exception. Our investment in state-of-the-art technology strengthens our manufacturing processes, so we can set a new standard for cleaning machines that are years ahead of the competition.


Our products are intended for use in professional environments and deliver a five-star cleaning standard in the shortest amount of time. Details matter to us. From stairs to edges, kitchens to bathrooms, and everything in between, MotorScrubber helps you dominate every cleaning challenge.


We have invented a new way to clean, and our mission is to create machines so unique that they are completely inimitable. It has not been an easy journey, but we are committed to delivering the best equipment that delivers exceptional results every time.


At MotorScrubber, we stick by our core values and strive every day to embody our company DNA. Over the past decade, we have developed our business and products to make us the market leader in compact scrubbing machines, and we continue to adapt to the modern world.


From delivering exceptional customer service to developing new knowledge to better performance, we focus on producing the best products available today. We continue to innovate, invent, and introduce revolutionary new products to the cleaning world to make our vision a reality.


Every building needs a MotorScrubber.

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