Delivering industrial cleaning performance on a small scale, attach FORCE to any scrubber dryer to deep clean 100% of the floor. 

Clip On. Clip Off. Clean Anywhere.

Industrial Cleaning With Added Force.

MotorScrubber FORCE clipped off a large scrubber dryer.

Compatible Cleaning.

Transform your large scrubber dryer into the ultimate performing, cleaning machine by adding FORCE.

Male using MotorScrubber FORCE to clean underneath seating in a changing room.

No More Cleaning Cupboard Visits.

Simply unclip FORCE from the large scrubber dryer, to clean compact spaces as you pass them.

MotorScrubber FORCe attache dto a large scrubber dryer cleaning underneath seating in a canteen.

Limitation Free Cleaning.

FORCE vastly improves hygiene results, allowing you to clean areas previously inaccessible with a large scrubber dryer.

Deep Clean & Dry.

A single hose carries power, solution and suction to FORCE from the large scrubber dryer.

At the flick of a switch, choose between using the large scrubber dryer or FORCE.

Designed For Durability.

Built Strong.

Every FORCE component is specially selected for strength and durability.

Intelligent Squeegees​.

Designed for enhanced floor performance, squeegee blades auto adjust to any floor type.

Airport showing how effective a scrubber dryer is, with and without FORCE attached.

How does cleaning with FORCE compare?

Scrubber Dryer:  85% 

With FORCE:  100%

FORCE Awards and Accolades

Range & Specifications


• Weight - 3.2kg (7.05lbs)

• Brush RPM - 400

• Scrubbing Width - 18cm (7.5in)

• Voltage - 24 V DC

• Hose Length - 8m (26.2ft)

• Pump Performance - 3 litre/min 101PSI

• Dimensions - W19 x H15 x L112cm

  (7.5 x 6 x 44 in)


£1,249.00   /   $1649.00

Mounting Brackets

Available for all large scrubber dryer models. An average large scrubber dryer uses:

x2 Horns

x1 Lower Mount

x1 Upper Mount

x1 Upper Mount Bracket

x1 T Connector

Ride On Machine Brackets also available​.

Fully Interchangeable Brushes and Pads

MotorScrubber FORCE attached to a large scrubber dryer

Now You Can Clean 100% Of The Floor.

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