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M3 combines industrial cleaning machine power with its compact size to create a small floor scrubbing machine for cleaning challenge.

Deep clean confined, hard-to-reach spaces and experience outstanding results every time.

Short Handle - M3S

£ 649 (exc. VAT)        |    $ 815 USD (exc TAX)

Medium Handle - M3M

£ 659(exc. VAT)       |    $ 825USD (exc TAX)

Long Handle - M3L

£ 679 (exc. VAT)        |    $ 845 USD (exc TAX)

Battery Backpack


Powerful 360rpm

Scrubbing Action 

Lightweight 2.4kg


1 Year


Extend Your Warranty

Register your M3 machine to extend your warranty from 12 months to 3 years. Simply locate your unique serial number and fill in the form online.

3x Faster Than Manual Scrubbing.

MotorScrubber M3 Cleaning underneath a unit in a kitchen.

Compact Cleaning.

Don’t be fooled by the small scrubbing machine. The M3 can rival any industrial cleaning machine, consistently delivering superior results.

Multifunctional Machine.

Be it floor cleaning or wall scrubbing. The possibilities are endless with this hand held scrubbing machine. 

MotorScrubber M3 backpack on the back of a 3D render of a person.

Cordless Deep Clean.

Powered by MotorScrubber backpack technology for cleaning freedom without the restrictions of cords.

MotorScrubber M3 Buttons

Single Button Control.

The on demand scrub technology allows M3 to quickly and effectively deep clean any area.

Designed With The User In Mind.

MotorScrubber M3 Motor


Our super reliable. high torque, M10 Motor delivers 10,000rpm (geared to 360rpm) producing outstanding cleaning results.

MotorScrubber M3 Lightweight


Under 2kg (3.3lbs) M3 is extremely lightweight, designed for prolonged use and scrubbing walls up to 3m (9.8ft)​.



With its telescopic handle as standard, M3 swiftly adjusts to any user height.

MotorScrubber M3 Pivot Handle

Pivoting Handle.

The pivoting handle allows M3 to gain access and clean underneath objects as low as 20cm (8").

MotorScrubber M3 cleaning along the edge of a pool.
100% Waterproof

Fully submersible with no shock risk, the M3 is the perfect addition to your boat cleaning or pool maintenance routine.

Key Applications

Key Applications
woman on floor doing yoga


The M3 is our ultimate floor cleaning machine for effortless deep cleaning.

white tiled wall


Attach our tile and grout brush to transform the M3 into a wall scrubbing machine that restores grout back to new.

steps going into a swimming pool


M3 makes light work of scum line removal as a 100% waterproof underwater power scrubber.

Technical Specification

M3 Specification

Up to 3.5 Hours


Up to 4 Hours

Charge Time


Machine Weight


Backpack Weight


Brush Speed


Scrubbing Width

120m2 per hour



  • Imperial Specifications
    Runtime - Up to 3.5 Hours Charge Time - Up to 4 Hours Machine Weight - 2.4kg/5.4lbs Machine Dimensions - H38cm - 240cm
  • Technical Features
    Linear Performance - 666 m/hour (2244 ft/hour) Brush Pressure - 5 kg = 19.7 g/cm² (11 lb = 4.48 oz/inch²) Motor Torque - 11.18 g/cm1096.3 mN.m
  • Multiple Handle Lengths Available
    Small Handle • Solid • 38cm (15in) • For eye level cleaning. (Includes backpack) Medium Handle • Telescopic • 70-140cm (27.56-55.12in) • For regular floor cleaning and occasional wall cleaning (Includes backpack) Long Handle • Telescopic • 120-240cm (47.24-94.49in) • For regular high level wall cleaning and occasional floor cleaning. (Includes backpack)
  • High Torque Motor
    Our M10 motor delivers 10,000rpm, geared to 360rpm. Still spins at over 200rpm when 7kg (15.4lbs) of weight is applied to the machine. The super reliable high torque motor gives outstanding cleaning results.
  • Heavy Duty Machine
    Boasting forged alloy gears and a high impact, glass filled nylon casing, the M3 is built for years of trouble free use.
  • Upgrade M3 To Include Suction
    Add the suction kit to upgrade M3 to dry as you scrub. Click here to find out more
What's In The Box

What's In The Box?

MotorScrubber M3 backpack

M3 Machine

M3 Battery Backpack

MotorScrubber Medium Duty Brush

Medium Duty Brush

MotorScrubber Microfibre Pad

Microfibre Pad

MotorScrubber Green Scrubbing Pad

Green Scrubbing Pad

MotorScrubber Red Polishing Pad

Red Polishing Pad

MotorScrubber White Buffing Pad

White Buffing Pad

Small Handle



£589.00 (exc. VAT) / $739.00 (exc. TAX) 

• Solid

• 38cm (15in)

• For eye level cleaning.

(Includes backpack)

Medium Handle



£599.00 (exc. VAT) /  $749.00 (exc. TAX) 

• Telescopic

• 70-140cm (27.56-55.12in)

• For regular floor cleaning and occasional wall cleaning

(Includes backpack)

Long Handle



£619.00 (exc. VAT) / $769.00 (exc. TAX) 

• Telescopic

• 120-240cm (47.24-94.49in)

• For regular high level wall cleaning and occasional floor cleaning.

(Includes backpack)

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Upgrade to Suction.

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