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MotorScrubber DMT System. MotorScrubber , SHOCK, JET3 and BLADE spraying cleaning solution.
DMT with virus control logo

Deep Clean.

Make cleaning faster, safer and more efficient, whilst achieving outstanding hygiene results on all floors and surfaces.

Buy DMT System + Virus Control

DMT System + Virus Control


£ 1162 (exc. VAT)    |    $ 1489USD (exc. TAX)

Includes JET3, BLADE, including 1 S-fibre, STORM® and Wall Dock (Mounts the system to the wall) 

3 Incredible Products. 1 Immense System.


Sensational Deep Clean + Superior Disinfection.

The DMT System + Virus Control combines deep cleaning and disinfection, creating the ultimate, professional cleaning system.


1 Backpack. 2 Machines.

Powered by the same MotorScrubber battery-powered backpack system, switch effortlessly between JET3 and STORM® to deep clean and disinfect all floors and surfaces.

MotorScrubber DMT System hung up on wall dock.
M-Wall Dock logo

Smart Storage.

Wall Dock mounts your DMT System + Virus Control to the wall for easy and convenient storage.

MotorScrubber JET3 spraying chemical on floor

Begin The

Deep Clean 

Use JET3 to scrub floors, walls and stairs.

MotorScrubber BLADE spraying solution onto the floor

Maintain The Deep Clean 

Use BLADE to maintain deep cleaned floors.

MotorScrubebr STORM spraying handrail

Add Virus Control 

Use STORM® and M-Wipes to disinfect all common touch points.

Begin The Deep Clean
MotorScrubber JET3 spraying solution onto reflective floor.

The built in on-demand, targeted Spray-Scrub technology, removes the need for a mop and bucket, allowing JET3 to deep clean floors, wall and stairs with ease.

Deep Clean The Tightest Of Spaces

With JET3

MotorScrubber JET3 Logo

JET3's compact size and powerful scrubbing action releases ingrained dirt from hard to reach areas. Getting into spaces other machines simply cannot access to deep clean.


• Underneath tables

• Inside Toilet cubicles

• Staircase risers

• Corridor edges

* Skirting/Baseboards


Corridors, Skirting/Baseboards

Exceptional deep cleaning to skirting/baseboards and corridor edges with the JET3 and Red Stairbrush.

MotorScrubber JET3 cleaning stairs in a school


Improve the hygiene of high traffic areas, using the Red Stairbrush. Scrub the step and the uprise simultaneously, dramatically reducing the time spent cleaning.

MotorScrubber JET3 with suction kit cleaning school toilet


Combine JET3 with the Suction Kit to deep clean floors and dry as you scrub, making light work of all toilet areas.

Cut Dirt.

Not Corners.


MotorScrubber BLADE spray close up
White BLADE logo

With up to 80x more surface pressure, BLADE delivers powerful performance and an unbeatable clean in all environments


• High traffic areas

• Toilets 

• Kitchen

• Corridors

Maintain The Deep Clean
MotorScrubber BLADE removing water from underneath bench in school changing room.

Powerful Squeegee

Use BLADE solely as a Power Squeegee to draw out and direct into a floor drain or contain to absorb with the A-Fibre.


(To be used after scrubbing the floor with JET3)


Edges & Grout

BLADE effortlessly cuts into corners, corridor edges and grout, resulting in the whole floor being transformed and left immaculately clean.


High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas demand increased dirt removal. Attach Scrub Action Ultra-Microfibre (S-Fibre) to BLADE for the ultimate daily clean.


(All Ultra-Microfibres are machine washable. Up to 500 wash cycles)

Add Virus Control
MotorScrubber STORM and M-Wipes on the backpack


Virus Control

With STORM® & M-Wipes

The world's only spray applicator with wearable and disposable wipe system. STORM® & M-Wipes deliver a fast, targeted, Perfect Liquid Layer on all common touch points. Including:

• Door handles

• Tables & chairs

• Stairway railings

• Light switches

• Toilet areas

MotorScrubber M-Wipes Logo
MotorScrubber STORM spraying classroom handle

Door Handles

Being one of the high-touch hotspots within any environment, door handles demand proactive virus control. Use STORM® and M-Wipes to ensure full coverage of disinfectant is achieved.

MotorScrubber M-Wipes pouches


Fitting to the STORM® backpack belt system, M-Wipes ensure the reverse side of 3D touch points, e.g door handles are perfectly covered with disinfectant, wiping out the risk of cross infection.

(Spray disinfectant with STORM® before using M-Wipes)



Powered by MotorScrubber backpack technology, STORM® grants the freedom to disinfect on the go, whilst M-Wipes allows for disinfectant to cover the full surface. 

Book A Free Demo

Book Your Free Demonstration

See how the DMT System with added Virus Control will transform the way you clean.

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