The science behind the Perfect Liquid Layer

with STORM™ and M-Wipes.

Firstly we need to understand the enemy...

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

How is it transmitted?

One way is through common touch points.

How long does it survive on surfaces?

It can live up to 3 days

To defeat the enemy, we need to create a Perfect Liquid Layer on all dimensions and surface types.

What is a Perfect Liquid Layer?

A Perfect Liquid Layer of disinfectant is created when droplets merge together on a surface, producing a layer of liquid with no gaps.


Why is it important?

It is important to create a Perfect Liquid Layer on surfaces, to ensure there are no gaps between the droplets of disinfectant.

Gaps mean the surface is not fully covered with disinfectant, leaving the surface at risk of inhabiting viruses between the droplets. 


What are the scientific factors behind the Perfect Liquid Layer?

It's all about fluid physics, especially surface tension.


The Method

How to create a Perfect Liquid Layer with STORM™ and M-Wipes.



Clean the surface before disinfecting.

Method for

Flat Touch Points

Method for

3D Touch Points


Spray from bottom to top, in a slow controlled motion.


Spray from bottom to top, in a controlled motion.


Check the surface to ensure there are no gaps.

If there are gaps, move closer and spray again or wipe with Non-Absorbent M-Wipes to ensure full coverage.


Use Non-Absorbent M-Wipes to ensure the reverse side of the object is covered with disinfectant.

Never Use Paper Towel When Disinfecting

Paper towels remove disinfectant from the surface, so the contact time is not achieved, rendering the whole process ineffective.

Range & Specifications


• Micron - 68

• Coverage - 75 M2,/Litre (807ft2/Gal)

• Spray Distance - 30cm (12") 

• Weight - 0.3kg (0.66lbs)


Includes 1 roll of M-Wipes, wipe dispenser pouch and wipe waste pouch.


• Non-Absorbant

• Quantity - 100 wipes per roll

• Attaches to existing backpack

Wand Only - MSSTORM

£159.00   /   $199.00

STORM™ with backpack - MSSTORMCOMP

£549.00   /   $699.00

M Wipes Kit - MSS31

Coming October 2020

MotorScrubber backpack not included with M-Wipes.

Choose wand only option if you already own a MotorScrubber JET/JET3 backpack.

STORM™ The Ballistic Virus Killer

Kill Viruses On The Go.

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