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SHOCK, the world’s lowest profile cleaning machine, launched at The Cleaning Show in London, and will be available in the UK from June. Designed to tackle the cleaning challenges presented by small spaces, such as washrooms, its low-profile design allows users to quickly and effectively clean around toilets, pedestals, under cubicles and along walls.

MotorScrubber is also launching the revolutionary SHOCK Pad, the latest in cleaning pad innovation. Made up of thousands of micro-blades, each fibre is angled to agitate and gently scrape dirt from textured floors.

The SHOCK Pad has been developed to maximise SHOCK’s ground-breaking oscillating technology. Imre Killi, MotorScrubber’sCEO and the product’s inventor adds,

“When we began testing SHOCK we found that some existing pad materials didn’t respond well to the oscillating mechanism. Many round fibres absorb the oscillating movement rather than transferring it to the floor, resulting in poor cleaning performance.

We experimented with angled fibres at varying lengths, and in different cleaning situations. Our aim was to find a reusable and washable fibre which would disrupt and then lift dirt, magnifying SHOCK’s oscillating mechanism. The final result was the SHOCK Pad. This non-scratch material cleans all smooth and textured hard floor surfaces, delivering exceptional cleaning results with water alone.

We didn’t want to release a revolutionary cleaning machine which used the same pad as everyone else – so we developed our own to clean better and faster.”

SHOCK Pads will be available in June and will be supplied as standard with all SHOCK floor cleaning machines.



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