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Brand New In-Store Display, In Stock and Ready to Order

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Show off the MS2000 and Jet machines with the newly re-design eye-catching MotorScrubber display, the perfect interactive point of sale for your showroom or exhibition.

The display holds 1 x MS2000, 1 x Jet, 1 x harness, 5 x brushes, up to 9 pads, A4 literature and a 22" TV. Easily remove the machines from the display for quick access.

  • Quick and easy to assemble, flat-packed steel

  • Add a 22" TV for maximum impact

  • Perfect for your showroom or at exhibitions

  • Interactive point of sale to generate demos and sales

  • Choice of 2 colours, bright red or electric blue

  • Holds a MS2000 and Jet machine

  • Space for all pads and brushes

  • Extremely high quality, custom designed display


To place your order email or call 0114 478


The in-store display will be available to USA customers soon, you can place a pre-order with us and we'll keep you updated on the final release date.


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