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OUTSTANDING business in Korea for MotorScrubber, the UK’s rapidly growing Cleaning Manufacturer.

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

As the demand for MotorScrubber's high-performance cleaning machines rapidly grows across the globe, Life General Machines Limited came up on top as MotorScrubber’s most successful distributor for not one but two consecutive months.

CLEAN KOREA 2019 Exhibition started today and will run from 4th-6th September. Life General Machines Limited is already off to a flying start today demonstrating the award-winning products, made by the UK Manufacturer, MotorScrubber Limited.

Global customers and businesses looking to invest and discover new product innovations in the Cleaning Market are showing a huge interest in the MotorScrubber range on the stand. The range includes professional compact cleaning machines for all small and hard to reach areas, including the world's ultimate stair-cleaning machine, designed to tackle the base and up-rise of steps simultaneously. The latest product innovations also include suction; eliminating labour-intensive methods like mopping and manual scrubbing.

The MotorScrubber range is inspiring distributors across the world as more and more machines are energetically being sold as the most hygienic, safest, fastest and most efficient way to deep clean any building, such as restaurants, hospitals, leisure centres, and schools. Buildings that always require cleaning and hygiene standards to be outstanding.

The range is also enlightening the Travel Industry. Trains, buses and boat owners can now clean without having to spend thousands of pounds on multiple cleaning machines. With just one machine and the suitable accessories, everyone can achieve affordable, reliable and outstanding results with MotorScrubber.

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