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MotorScrubber’s latest machine is Interclean’s best-kept secret

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

12th of May 2022

MotorScrubber: Buy Best Floor Cleaning Machine and Squeegee Mop Online
MotorScrubber at Interclean 2022

It's the world's fastest floor cleaning machine. It has a radically different design to anything else on the market. And it cleans using a completely new method.

Trouble is, we only have MotorScrubber's word for it because the company is limiting the launch of its new DRYFT machine to a specially-invited audience on a highly exclusive list.

There are some things we do know, however. "It is the first scrubber dryer to be able to scrub and dry in corners," says MotorScrubber's ceo Imre Killi. "It is the first machine to be able to truly replace mopping. And it has eight patents pending against it."

Due to hit the market in early 2023, DRYFT is being introduced cinema-style to guests in a private room behind the MotorScrubber stand. "People are coming out of there saying it's the best thing in the show," says Killi.

He was a little more forthcoming about the company's other new product, however. Shock is a new type of oscillation scrubbing machine designed for deep cleaning in tight spaces.

"It's very small, very fast and works off a backpack," says Killi. "It can clean edges, corners, skirting boards and base boards. And you can use it with a cleaning solution or with water alone."

Described as being powerful and agile, Shock is claimed to offer "ground-breaking shockwave cleaning" and is due to be launched later this year.

source : European Cleaning Journal


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