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Vegas, are you ready for MotorScrubber?

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

The countdown is on until the leading manufacturers and cleaning professionals from around the world, gather at the 2019 ISSA North America Show, being held in Las Vegas tomorrow.

UK manufacturer, MotorScrubber Limited, have launched two new cleaning innovations this year that has a significant impact on the Cleaning Industry. This included the MotorScrubber FORCE machine, that was awarded the ISSA Innovation Award in 2016 in Dallas. The award was based on a prototype previewed at the show, before it was set to officially launch in 2019.

MotorScrubber’s CEO, Imre Killi, recently announced a new cleaning system called DMT, set to revolutionise 21st Century cleaning methods. Accompanied by four new innovative products, available to view next week in Las Vegas, before they officially launch in 2020.

Here’s a brief preview of all the innovations you can expect to see on the MotorScrubber stand 217 at the ISSA Show on November 19th – 21st.

After winning its first innovation award at the ISSA North America Show in Dallas, FORCE was officially launched in February 2019. This compact deep cleaning machine continues to make headlines for its pure engineering genius. Large scrubber dryers have limitations when it comes to cleaning smaller areas and edges. By attaching FORCE to any larger scrubber dryer you can now clean and dry 100% of all floor surfaces.

Increase your productivity and dry as you scrub with the Suction Kit. If you own a MotorScrubber and a wet vacuum, simply connect the two machines together with the Universal Hose adapter and say goodbye to wet floor signs and slippery floors forever.

3 and 4: M3 and JET3

The MotorScrubber generation 3 machines have been transformed with new and improved components and a whole new colour scheme: Electric Red, Phantom Grey and Steel Grey are the future brand colours for MotorScrubber.

5. The Wall Dock

Struggling to find space for all your cleaning equipment?

Designed with precision and careful engineering, the custom made MotorScrubber Wall Dock is the ultimate, smart wall mounted storage holder for keeping your MotorScrubber system neat and tidy.

The 2-in-1 ultra microfibre system is currently being trialed by some of the largest food and hospitality chains in the world. Ultra microfibre is a premium material 7x thinner and more absorbent than standard microfibre, it effortlessly removes smaller dust particles and up to 99.9% of bacteria left on any surface. Partnered with BLADE, the squeegee allows for faster cleaning with up to 80x more pressure on the floor surface than conventional mops. The built in spray function eliminates the need for buckets, with fresh solution released at the push of a button.

MotorScrubber’s DMT system has been designed to give outstanding cleaning results, by using new innovations to replace dated cleaning mops and buckets which are infamous for spreading contamination.

Visit MotorScrubber on stand 217 at the ISSA Show North America to find out how the brand new DMT (deep clean, maintain and transform) system can help transform the way you clean in 3 simple steps.

If you are unable to attend the show, you can book your free DMT demonstration online:


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