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MotorScrubber JET is cleaning Wimbledon Stadium

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

After a successful trial of MotorScrubber JET at the world famous Wimbledon stadium in London England, we asked Jon Lightowler Technical Manager with Leisure Support Services at Compass Group for his personal comments about the trial and how the JET has performed for cleaning the difficult areas around the seating within the stadium.

Motorscrubber JET cleaning Wimbledon Stadium

1. Has the MotorScrubber helped your staff or yourself?

The MotorScrubber has been a revelation in and around the grounds and courts of the AELTC. During the tournament we require quick turnaround of public and players’ areas.

2. Has the MotorScrubber improved cleaning results?

Since introducing the MotorScrubber to our arsenal of cleaning equipment we have seen some dramatic results in hard to reach areas where we previously relied on manual cleaning processes. It has been particularly efficient and effective on stadium terraces in removing sticking residue caused by food and drink spillages.

3. Whats your favourite feature on the machine?

I particularly like the portability of this machine as it incorporates backpack battery technology; providing the comfort and ease of operation.The adjustable head allows for ease of access to previously trouble areas

Our cleaning team really liked using the MotorScrubber. They could see the results for themselves. Not only does the MotorScrubber provide professional results but it looks professional and provides our team with the confidence that they are using the latest innovation on the market to do the job at hand – after all, they are professionals too.

4. Would you recommend MotorScrubber?

I have no hesitation in unequivocally recommending the MotorScrubber to any cleaning company that has struggled to find a rotary scrubber/polisher that is both compact and versatile. The results speak for themselves. It should not be seen as an alternative to the mainstream rotary scrubbers/polishers but as a very welcome additional piece of innovation that compliments other mechanised cleaning tools/machines.

Thank you Jon for your great feedback, we always love to hear how our machine has helped improve cleaning of troublesome areas and great to hear the staff enjoyed using the machine too, which is equally important. If you would like to see a demo of the JET in action and how we can improve cleanliness in your facility email us here:

MotorScrubber, Release The Dirt!

MotorScrubber JET cleaning Henman Hill


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