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FAQ's Answered! What are the advantages of using a backpack

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Motorcrubber uses Battery Backpack Technology which gives the user many advantages. As our machine is the type of machine you carry around the building the aim is to make the handle weight as low as possible, by including the battery on the backpack we have reduced the handle weight to less than 2kg/4.4lb allowing the user to work for hours without fatigue, with the added advantage of being able to easily lift the machine onto a wall and scrub at heights up to 3metres / 10 ft with the JET and 30ft with the Prowash.

The major advantage to having a backpack is that our machine is battery operated meaning you have no trailing cable which is often a major trip hazard, especially when cleaning difficult areas like stairs, it could be very dangerous if you tripped over a cable whilst cleaning a set of stairs. Motorscrubber has one of the longest run times on the market with over 3.5 hour continuous run time allowing you to clean anywhere throughout the building without worrying where your next plug socket is. Motorscrubber is often used around swimming pools and also for restroom cleaning where there is a lot of water present on the floor and it would be very dangerous to have mains voltage cables trailing in the liquid. Battery backpack technology gives you the freedom to safely clean anywhere.

The battery on our backpack is located very low down on your waist and the padded belt comfortably straps the battery securely to your waist, there is pretty much no weight on your shoulders. This design promotes the user to have a straight back whilst using our machine which is much better for your health compared to bending over and scrubbing with a manual brush which is very bad for your back.

The JET model also includes a powerful commercial pump and 1 litre / quart gallon bottle on the backpack allowing you to spray detergent on demand when you need it, this increases your productivity, reduces your chemical usage and even allows you to spray detergent on walls up to 3 metres / 10ft high which is a totally unique feature to Motorscrubber.

The Motorscrubber backpack is adjustable to any user and has a padded breathable material designed for all day use, you will be pleasantly surprised just how comfortable our backpack is and you will instantly see the advantages to this design. We would love to arrange for a Free Demo at your site and show you how Motorscrubber with our battery backpack technology can improve your company's health and safety, productivity & hygiene results.

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