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Smart Storage For Smart Cleaners

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Are you struggling to find space to store all your cleaning equipment?

All cleaners need the right tools for every cleaning task and a smart storage system that keeps everything neat, tidy and protected from damages.

"The future is organisation, speed and convenience." - Imre Killi

The new MotorScrubber Wall Dock has been designed to be a simple, smart and convenient storage unit for the DMT System. Easily mount to the wall, just grab, clean and dock. This cleaning system is the perfect solution for all existing and future MotorScrubber users who have limited storage space. The elevation of the machine protects the products from getting damaged on the floor or mislaid in a cleaning cupboard.

A common mistake with cleaning equipment is to have several bulky machines and tools that perform similar tasks, achieving good results, but can lead to a cluttered cupboard. A smart, simple and more efficient way of operating tools and storage is to implement the MotorScrubber DMT System and Wall Dock. DMT stands for Deep Clean, Maintain and Transform, this system achieves immaculate results, leaving all floors and surfaces transformed with just two cleaning tools and a Power Harness.

The UK manufactured M3 and JET3 cordless deep cleaning machines use motorised scrubbing, alloy gears and optional suction to extract dirt in hard to reach areas. JET boast all the features of the M3 with added spray on demand function for water or chemical solution. Both machines are powered by the MotorScrubber M10 Motor to achieve immaculate results on floors, stairs, walls and interior or exterior surfaces.

MotorScrubber BLADE is a 2 in 1 ultra microfibre system unlike any other mopping system on the current cleaning market, allowing for faster cleaning and up to 80% more pressure on the floors surface. BLADE delivers superior cleaning results, replacing old fashioned and conventional mops and buckets, by dramatically reducing the risk of cross contamination.

The system uses reversible ultra fibres for maximum floor coverage and optional disposable cloths; these are particularly popular for healthcare sectors, or any establishment without washing facilities. BLADE’s ultimate hygiene function is the built in jet handle, allowing the user to spray on demand, fresh, clean solution directly on to the floor, simultaneously reducing water and chemical waste.

If your organisation has a rotation of cleaning staff throughout the week, it is essential to ensure all cleaning equipment can be easily operated and returned to a designated area for efficient cleaning productivity.

Smart cleaners need smart storage and as we like to say, “Every building needs a MotorScrubber.”

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