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Drop the mop

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

MotorScrubber BLADE is the Ultimate Mop and Bucket Killer
Traditional Mop and Bucket System

Since the start of the pandemic, cleaning has taken centre stage in every industry. Customers are fixated on the cleanliness of every part of your store. They want to know it’s been appropriately taken care of -- even the abyss underneath the fixtures where the stray hangers and lonely socks end up. So why are we still accepting sub-standard cleaning practices in a time where health, safety, and hygiene are the nation’s priority?

Floor mopping takes up 35 - 40% of the working time in most cleaning jobs.

Just picture this; you enter a high-end store where you anticipate luxury goods, a premium experience, and excellent customer service. You then see a cleaner with a bucket of filthy water. They dump in a straggly string mop, let it drip and then start slopping it wall to wall and around the floor. Suddenly the store looks a lot less sophisticated.

Disappointed? So are your customers.

Cleaning is no longer something you can do once or twice a week to tick a box. Now, periodic deep cleaning and daily maintenance are the only ways to keep on top of your business’ hygiene and reassure your customers that you’re doing everything to protect them.

First impressions count, especially when convincing someone to part with their hard-earned money. Studies show that 84% of shoppers place significant value on the physical environment of a store, whilst a further 64% said they have previously left a store because of its poor appearance. Your cleaning methods are also under scrutiny, as the obvious use of dirty mops would influence almost two-thirds of people to view a business negatively. Not keeping on top of your cleaning routine is a sure-fire way to lose your customers, as they instantly associate your store with poor standards and disappointing quality.

The typical string mops also cause more contamination than they clear. A study by Leeds Beckett University (Leeds Metropolitan University at the time) found that the tools used to clean floors were key culprits in spreading bacteria; the floors were more infested with bacteria after mopping than they had been before. But these bacteria aren’t removed. They either remain on the floor that you think is clean or make themselves at home inside the mophead itself festering, multiplying, and gearing up to contaminate the next floor you want to ‘clean’ until the mop falls apart due to bacterial decomposition.

So, what is the answer?

Exert up to 80x more pressure to remove more dirt every time with BLADE. Our precise rubber squeegee blade tackles grout lines and tight edges while speeding up your cleaning process for central floors. Eliminate contaminated cleaning equipment and deliver fresh solution at the touch of a button. Our creative tool combines ultra-microfibre cloths split seven times thinner for superior dirt and bacteria removal.

Microfibre mops hold 96% less bacteria than traditional mop heads.

MotorScrubber have pioneered cleaning for over 15 years, and we have created professional equipment that transforms your floors and surfaces. We push the boundaries of what is possible and set standards through innovation and invention. Designed, engineered, and built in Sheffield, England, we stick to our industrial roots and create the highest quality equipment for professional use. Our talented in-house design team meticulously engineer every element to guarantee longevity and reliability in all our machines and cleaning tools. We reinvent the cleaning process for a modern world and have revolutionised mopping for cleaners across the globe.

Destroy your filthy mops and disgusting buckets and switch to the unbeatable BLADE today.

For more information, please visit MotorScrubber BLADE.

* You can also view this article in the August edition of Tomorrow's Cleaning.

MotorScrubber BLADE - Best Way to Clean tiles and floors
MotorScrubber BLADE deep cleaning floors



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