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Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines 101

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

There is a vast range of commercial floor cleaning machines on the market, so how

do you decide which ones are actually worth the investment?

These machines are undoubtedly the most effective tools for cleaning floor surfaces

in office complexes and business establishments. There are manual machines,

robotic machines, and steam cleaning machines, among other options, so you are

guaranteed to find one that meets your needs.

But, what is a commercial floor cleaning machine? 

Simply put, it’s a large piece of equipment with extreme versatility, allowing it to

clean a range of floor types, such as concrete, tiles and linoleum. These machines

clean large areas at once, so you can use them in offices, warehouses, hotels,

schools, hospitals, and other facilities requiring a high-quality cleaning. They operate

manually, but their ground-breaking technology allows a simple cleaning solution to

transform floor surfaces. Long-lasting durability means that these machines are

highly efficient and easy to maintain, leading to prolonged cleaning success.

Which floor scrubber is best?

The only answer to this question is MotorScrubber’s M3 Floor Scrubber! Its unique

mechanism removes dirt and debris from every floor surface using the powerful

brush, and the long, ergonomic handle makes the machine easy and comfortable to

use. High-quality materials support the M3’s game-changing design and enable it to

stand the test of time and overcome every obstacle. 

Are commercial floor cleaning machines safe?

 Absolutely! Floor scrubbers intend to clean the floor surfaces without causing

damage or harm to the workers or the environment. Specifically, the M3 is equipped

with a water tank to store cleaning solutions and a removable, easy-to-clean filter

that helps avoid any impurities. The powerful motors in these machines ensure that

the cleaning solution is applied evenly to the floor surface, so the whole area is

expertly cleaned.

How much do commercial floor cleaning machines cost?

 Prices can vary significantly for commercial floor cleaning machines, depending on

brand, features and versatility. Typically, you’re looking at anywhere between $750

and $10,000, with more budget and luxurious options also available. If you are

looking for an affordable option that still provides superb cleaning results, the M3

from MotorScrubber is the best choice.

Overall, it’s fair to say that floor machines are the perfect tools for cleaning a range

of floor types in homes, offices and other commercial spaces. The versatility of these

machines ensures they meet your exact needs to deliver the best results.



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