Why MotorScrubber?



Features of the MotorScrubber to Benefit YOU, the consumer:

MotorScrubber™ 12-Volt DC Powered:

  • Allows several power source options:
    • MS1012 Battery Pack and Charger
    • MS1022 Cigarette Lighter Adapter
    • MS1024 12 Volt Battery Post Adapter
  • Allows you to use scrubbers in hard to reach places where 110VAC is not available.
  • Eliminates the fear of electrocution associated with 110-volt power scrubbers and water.

Telescoping Twist-Lock Handle:

  • Power brush provides over 12 foot reach for the average height person.
  • Twist-Lock handle telescopes to any height you desire between 5 & 7 feet.
  • No need to use a ladder, eliminates potential injury associated with ladders.

Battery Operated:

  • MotorScrubber Battery Pack for convenience and mobility needed to accomplish any cleaning task.
  • Power Brush battery is Rechargeable!

70 Degree Pivoting Scrubber Head Attachments:

  • Scrubber Attachments follow the contours of whatever you may be cleaning.
  • Eliminates the need to use “elbow grease” and scrub, makes cleaning nearly effortless!

Interchangeable Scrubber Head Attachments:

  • Wide range of available interchangable scrubbing pads and discs.
  • Adaptable for use for all your major cleaning chores.
  • All discs are reusable and replaceable for economy and long-life.

Make tall window cleaning & stairwell cleaning easy with MotorScrubber

Make tall window cleaning & stairwell cleaning easy with MotorScrubber. The MotorScrubber is a power scrubber that cleans just about anything. Cleans restrooms, toilets, locker rooms, floors, windows, stairwells, boats, pools, vehicles, & more. Great industrial scrubber for janitorial use.

  • 15″ to 50″ Window Scrubber

  • Portable Stairwell Scrubber

ADVANTAGES to MotorScrubber:

  • Scrub the water line on your pool with ease. The MotorScrubber is a great cleaning machine and power scrubber for many different applications.
  • Cleaning atriums and greenhouses is no longer the back-breaking, hard-to-reach chore it used to be.
  • Now you no longer have to find the carwash with the big bay. You can use the MotorScrubber to clean your RV anywhere.
  • Cleaning narrow stairwells and scrubbing hard to reach area of floors is made quick and easy with the MotorScrubber

  • Portable Floor Scrubber