The New Standard In Touch Point Disinfection.

Disinfect. Kill Viruses On The Go.

STORM™ - Invented specifically for fast, targeted disinfection of common touch points in the fight against Coronavirus..


Stop Being Reactive. Start Being Proactive.

With Virus Control

STORM spraying disinfectant on handrail

Ballistic Performance.

At 68 micron, the built-in Ballistic, High Speed, Swirl Nozzle, allows STORM™ to effectively disinfect all frequently touched surfaces.

Targeted Disinfection.

STORM™ delivers a targeted liquid layer of disinfectant, for risk free virus control. 



Render of person wearing STORM backpack

No Limitations.

Powered by MotorScrubber Backpack Technology, STORM™ gives the freedom to safely disinfectant on the go, with no trailing cables to contend with.

Single Button System.

The single button, spray on demand feature, allows STORM™ to quickly and easily apply disinfectant.

Ergonomic Design.  

Comfortable and Lightweight.

Battery Backpack is secured to the waist, removing the risk of back strain. 

Fatigue Free Use.

At just 0.3kg (0.66lbs), the STORM™ wand is lightweight designed for prolonged use.

Hand holding an infected hand rail.

Are You Leaving Touch Points At Risk?

The reverse side of 3D touch points are often missed during disinfection, making this a high risk area.




Wipe Out The Risk.

Specifically designed to work in conjunction with STORM™ to apply disinfectant, M-Wipes ensure a Perfect Liquid Layer is created on the reverse side of 3D touch points, vastly reducing the risk of cross infection.

Liquid Layer. All Dimensions. All Surfaces.

With M-Wipes

MotorScrubber backpack with M-Wipes attached

On Board System.

Fitting the existing backpack belt system, the wipe dispenser and disposal pouch, allow for rapid wipe release and convenient wipe disposal.

Method for 3D Touch Point Disinfection


Spray from bottom to top, in a controlled motion. STORM™ will create a perfect liquid layer with no gaps on the front of touch points.


Use Non-Absorbent, M-Wipes to ensure the reverse side of the touch point is also fully covered with disinfectant.

Never Use Paper Towel When Disinfecting

Paper towels remove disinfectant from the surface, so the contact time is not achieved, rendering the whole process ineffective.

Brands Using STORM™ to Fight Covid-19

Range & Specifications


• Micron - 68

• Coverage - 75 M2,/Litre (807ft2/Gal)

• Flow - 149ml/Min (0.039Gal/Min)

• Spray Distance - 30cm (12") 

• Weight - 0.3kg (0.66lbs)

Wand Only - MSSTORM

£159.00   /   $199.00

STORM™ with MotorScrubber Backpack

• Solution Capacity - 1 Litre (34oz)

• Flow - 77ml/min (2.7oz/min)

• Charge Time - 4-8hrs

• Runtime - 3hrs (1hr 30m continuous use)

• Weight - Full 5.3kg (11.6lbs)  Empty 4.5kg (9.9lbs)

• Quick Change Battery

STORM™ with backpack - MSSTORMCOMP

£549.00   /   $699.00

Choose wand only option if you already own a MotorScrubber JET/JET3 backpack.


Includes 1 roll of M-Wipes, wipe dispenser pouch and wipe waste pouch.


• Non-Absorbant

• Quantity - 100 wipes per roll

• Attaches to existing backpack

M Wipes Kit - MSS31

Coming October 2020

(MotorScrubber backpack needed to use M-Wipes.)

JET3 Machine

Powered the STORM™ backpack, add JET3 to deep clean floors, walls and stairs. Now you can disinfect and deep clean on the go.

Foldable Bottle Carrier

Need more capacity? The foldable bottle carrier allows you to carry up to 10 litres to a working area.


£1008.00   /   $199.00

Bottle Carrier - MST5

£29.95   /   $ - Price On Request

(Bottles Not Included)

Want to know which disinfectants are effective against Coronavirus?

MotorScrubber STORM and JET using same backpack

Deep Clean & Disinfect.

Powered by the same Backpack System, switch effortlessly  between STORM™ and JET3.

To disinfect surfaces, use STORM

To deep clean floors, use JET3

MotorScrubber products stored on M-wall dock.

Smart Storage.

Wall Dock mounts your equipment to the wall for easy storage. 

Stores DMT System - JET3, BLADE and STORM™

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