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The Future Of Train Cleaning

High Speed Performance Designed For The Rail Industry.

Higher. Faster. Cleaner.

MotorScrubber PROWASH machine

PROWASH - The portable solution for high performance deep cleaning, delivering outstanding cleaning results.

MotorScrubber PROWASH logo in white

Exterior Train Cleaning Made Easy.

Person using MotorScrubber PROWASH to clean nose end of the train.

Reach New Heights.

Drastically cut exhaustive manual labour, making light work of heavily soiled surfaces.

MotorScrubber PROWASH stood on gravelled floor.

Weatherproof Machine.

The stainless steel, skeleton chassis and puncture proof wheels, make light work of manoeuvring over train tracks and steps.

High Speed Performance.

Insect build up on front of train.


Insect build up removed from the front of the train using MotorScrubber PROWASH.


Nose End Cleaning.

Powerful performance easily removes stubborn insect build up.

Ingrained dirt on textured train safety steps.


Clean textured, safety steps on a train.


Safety Steps.

Effortlessly release ingrained dirt from textured safety steps.

Worker using PROWASH to clean the side of the train.

Side of Train.

Quickly and easily remove brake dust and hydraulic fluid.

Dirty vents on a train


clean vent on a train.


Detail Cleaning.

Clean the harder to reach areas, normally missed by manual methods or a large train wash.

Interior Train Cleaning Made Simple.

JET3 used to clean around seating on a train.
MotorScrubber JET3 white logo

Conquer The Hard To Reach Areas.

JET3 is specifically designed to deep clean those hard to reach areas, including under seating, around tables and the toilet/sink area.

JET3 with Suction Kit attached, cleaning a train toilet
MotorScrubber M-Suction logo

Dry As You Scrub.

High traffic areas demand dry floors. Simply attach the Suction Kit to upgrade JET3 to include suction and dry as you scrub. (Fits to any wet vacuum)

BLADE cleaning the aisle on a train.
MotorScrubbe BLADE logo

Pressure. Precision. Performance.

With fresh solution at the press of the button and ergonomically designed to cut into corners, around tables and seating, BLADE delivers an unbeatable clean.

Motorscrubber STORM, Ballistic Virus Killer spraying train handle.
MotorScrubber STORM logo
MotorScrubber M-Wipes logo

Targeted Disinfection

The New Standard In Touch Point Disinfection. STORM® + M-Wipes deliver a targeted liquid layer of disinfectant, for risk free virus control on all common train touch points.

Range & Specifications

Exterior Train Cleaning​

MotorScrubber PROWASH machine

PROWASH machine

High level deep cleaning.

•  Long Handle Pole - 4m (13.1ft)

•  Upgrade to Glass Fibre pole

•  Short Handle available for eye level cleaning.

MotorScrubber PROWASH cart


Lightweight, weatherproof , stainless steel cart with 50L (11gl) water capacity and 5L (1.3gl) chemical capacity. 

MotorScrubber JET3 battery powered backpack

MotorScrubber Backpack

MotorScrubber backpack powers PROWASH.


£2885.00  /  $3499.00USD

(Price includes Machine, Cart & Backpack)

MotorScrubber Medium Duty Brush

Medium Duty Brush

Perfect for cleaning the side of the train and train steps.

MotorScrubber Flagged Tipped Brush

Flagged Tipped Brush

Designed for the finer details, around vents and trims.

MotorScrubber Blue Pad

Blue General Pad

Removes stubborn insect build up.

MotorScrubber Melamine Pad

Melamine Pad

Perfect for deep cleaning exterior vinyl.

Interior Train Cleaning​

MotorScrubber JET3 spraying solution.

JET3 Machine

Powered by the MotorScrubber backpack, use JET3 to deep clean floors, walls and hard to reach areas.

STORM machine spraying disinfectant.


Powered by the JET3 backpack, STORM® delivers fast, targeted disinfection. Specifically designed to fight Coronavirus.

MotorScrubber Suction Kit


Upgrade JET3 to have suction and dry as you scrub.



2 in 1, Power Squeegee + Ultra-Microfibre System delivers powerful performance and an unbeatlable clean.​ 

MotorScrubber M-Wipes on backpack


To to work in conjunction with STORM®, M-Wipes ensure a Perfect Liquid Layer is created on the reverse side of 3D touch points.

MotorScrubber PROWASH machine

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