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Children raising hand in classroom

By providing the Education Sector with professional cleaning machinery, we can help schools prevent the spread of Coronavirus, reducing the risk of transmission. 

"We're on a mission to keep schools safe and protect education...


their future depends on it"

Little boy grabbing door handle with coronavirus on it

Did you know?


A person touches their face on average up to 23 times per hour.


With this in mind, remembering that children will be children (i.e touch things, then later touch their mouth, nose or eyes) it is more important than ever to reduce the risk of Coronavirus, by implementing a thorough cleaning and disinfection process on all common school touch points and surfaces.

This not only creates a hygienic school environment, but lowers the chance of cross infection, that could occur as easily as touching a contaminated door handle or handrail. 

Their Future Depends On it.

To ensure all schools are safe while open during the Coronavirus pandemic, the implementation of mechanical and professional equipment is key to eliminating the risk of cross infection, whilst achieving optimal hygiene results on all touch points and surfaces.

DMT hung on the wall in a school

The Ultimate Deep Cleaning & Virus Control System For Schools.

The revolutionary DMT System now with added Virus Control, allows you to Deep Clean, Maintain and Transform the way you clean, saving time, effort and cost.

Make cleaning faster and safer, whilst achieving outstanding hygiene results on all school floors and surfaces.

   Education Exclusive_-  10% off applied at checkout   


£1162.17 (exc. VAT)    |    $1489.28USD (exc. TAX)

Includes JET3, BLADE, STORM® and Wall Dock (Mounts the system to the wall) 

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MotorScrubber JET3 spraying chemical on floor

Deep Clean

Your School

Use JET3 to scrub floors, walls and stairs.

MotorScrubber BLADE spraying solution onto the floor

Maintain The Deep Clean 

Use BLADE to maintain deep cleaned floors.

MotorScrubebr STORM spraying handrail

Add Virus Control 

Use STORM® and M-Wipes to disinfect all common touch points.

Deep Clean Your School
MotorScrubber JET3 spraying solution onto reflective floor.

With its built in on-demand, targeted Spray-Scrub technology, JET3 removes the need for a mop and bucket, allowing the user to deep clean floors, wall and stairs with ease.

Deep Clean & Conquer The Hard To Reach Areas

With JET3

MotorScrubber JET3 Logo

Compact in size, JET3 fits into the hard to reach areas and spaces other machines simply cannot access to deep clean. Including:

• Underneath tables

• Toilet cubicles

• Staircase risers

• Corridor edges

MotorScrubber JET3 cleaning school kitchen floor


Kitchen floors are generally slippery and greasy, with awkward areas to clean.

Unlike the traditional mop, JET3 stops the spread of bacteria around the kitchen. Its powerful scrubbing action releases ingrained food and grease from any floor surface effortlessly.

MotorScrubber JET3 scrubbing floor in school cafeteria


With either fixed seating or limited space to move tables and chairs, Cafeteria's have many areas that are often missed when being cleaned.

JET3's compact size grants access underneath tables and into those hard to reach spaces, meaning no area is missed.

MotorScrubber JET3 with red stairbrush cleaning corridor edges in a school


Teamed with the Red Stairbrush, JET3 delivers an exceptional deep clean to skirting/baseboards and corridor edges.

MotorScrubber JET3 cleaning stairs in a school


The Red Stairbrush improves the hygiene of high traffic areas, by scrubbing the step and the uprise simultaneously, dramatically reducing the cleaning time.

MotorScrubber JET3 with suction kit cleaning school toilet


Quickly make light work of difficult and unpleasant areas, by combining JET3 with the Suction Kit to deep clean floors and dry as you scrub. 

(Suction Kit sold separately)

Maintain The Deep Clean

Cut Dirt.

Not Corners.


MotorScrubber BLADE spray close up
White BLADE logo

BLADE's powerful performance provides up to 80x more surface pressure, whilst delivering an effortless and unbeatable clean within all school environments. Including:

• Classrooms

• Toilets

• Kitchen

• Corridors

BLADE absorbing spill in school cafeteria


Cafeteria's are busy areas, with lots of foot traffic and spillages being a common problem.

BLADE's absorbent Ultra-Microfibre (A-Fibre) is split 7x thinner than traditional microfibre, providing superior absorption for enhanced spill response.

MotorScrubber BLADE cleaning school corridor edge

Corridor Edges

Ergonomically designed for precision edge cleaning. BLADE effortlessly cuts into corners and corridor edges, leaving the entire floor immaculately clean.

MotorScrubber BLADE removing water from underneath bench in school changing room.

Changing Rooms

With up to 80x more surface pressure, use BLADE solely as a Power Squeegee to draw out and direct dirty liquid into a floor drain or contain to absorb with the A-Fibre.


(To be used after scrubbing the floor with JET3)

MotorScrubber BLADE cleaning floor in the library

Common areas

Fresh solution at the push of the button eliminates the need for buckets, making BLADE the ultimate daily mopping system for all school environments.

MotorScrubber BLADE spraying toilet floor in school


For increased dirt removal within the toilet/restroom area, use BLADE to effortlessly cut into grout and attach Scrub Action Ultra-Microfibre (S-Fibre) for the ultimate clean.


(All Ultra-Microfibres are machine washable. Up to 500 wash cycles)

Add Virus Control
MotorScrubber STORM and M-Wipes on the backpack


Virus Control

With STORM® & M-Wipes

The world's only spray applicator with wearable and disposable wipe system. STORM® & M-Wipes deliver a fast, targeted, Perfect Liquid Layer on all common school touch points. Including:

• Door handles

• Tables & chairs

• Stairway railings

• Light switches

• Toilet areas

MotorScrubber M-Wipes Logo
MotorScrubber STORM spraying desks in a classroom


Classrooms are the hub for learning, with many room change overs and touch points.

STORM® delivers a targeted liquid layer of disinfectant on all classroom surfaces, creating a safer, more hygienic learning environment.

MotorScrubber STORM spraying handrail in school


With a high volume of people passing through daily, staircase handrails are at a greater risk of harbouring bacteria and viruses.

Powered by MotorScrubber Backpack Technology, STORM® grants the user the freedom to safely climb stairs and disinfectant on the go, with no  mains cable to contend with.

MotorScrubber STORM spraying classroom handle

Door Handles

Being one of the high-touch hotspots within the school environment, door handles demand proactive virus control. Use STORM® and M-Wipes to ensure full coverage of disinfectant is achieved.

MotorScrubber M-Wipes pouches


Fitting to the STORM® backpack belt system, M-Wipes ensure the reverse side of 3D touch points, e.g door handles are perfectly covered with disinfectant, wiping out the risk of cross infection.

(Spray disinfectant with STORM® before using M-Wipes)

MotorScrubber STORM spraying lockers in a school


Personal and shared lockers carry the risk of cross infection. Use STORM® and M-Wipes to vastly reduce the risk and keep students safe and schools hygienic.

Children in classroom

" The impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on the education sector has been unprecedented.


Exams have been cancelled, home schooling has become the norm and teachers, parents and students are under huge amounts of pressure and uncertainty.


We need to get children back into education as quickly and safely as possible, to ensure they continue to be educated and develop as people.


Our mission for 2021 is to ensure all schools are provided professional cleaning and disinfection equipment, keeping students and staff safe and the school environment hygienic, throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond. "


Imre Killi - CEO, MotorScrubber Ltd

DMT hung on the wall in a school

Take advantage of our exclusive discounted price today.

10% discount applied to the price, exclusively for the education sector. Helping all schools stay safe and remain open throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

   Education Exclusive_-  10% off applied at checkout   


£1162.17 (exc. VAT)    |    $1489.28USD (exc. TAX)

Includes JET3, BLADE, STORM® and Wall Dock (Mounts the system to the wall) 

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