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MotorScrubber M-Case Pro full line up of products
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M-Case Pro - Fully equipped with everything the professional cleaner needs to tackle any cleaning challenge. 

Go Anywhere. Clean Anywhere.

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Professionals Arrive Ready.

Empowering you to travel with confidence, whilst storing and protecting your MotorScrubber cleaning equipment. 

Range & Specifications

Available as a COMPLETE KIT or CASE ONLY. All items featured in complete kit come as standard.

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= included in M-Case COMPLETE KIT 

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M-Case Pro

Protects and stores all your MotorScrubber Equipment.

MotorScrubber JET3 machine

JET3 Machine

Use JET3 to deep clean floors, walls and stairs. Includes battery backpack.

Qty: 1

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M-Case Pro (CASE ONLY) MS3070

£159.87*  /  $196.60USD*

MotorScrubber BLADE microfibre system


2 in 1, Power Squeegee + Ultra-Microfibre System.

Qty: 1

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£1580.00* /  $ N/A

* Exc. VAT/TAX

MotorScrubber Red Stair Brush

Red Stair Brush

Exceptional deep cleaning for stairs and skirting/baseboards. 

Qty: 1

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MotorScrubber Maroon Stripping Pad

Maroon Pad

Perfect for floor restoration.

Qty: 2

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MotorScrubber Green Twister Pad

Green Twister Pad

For shine and maintenance.

Qty: 1

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MotorScrubber Aggressive Brush

Aggressive Brush

Designed for industrial and concrete floors.

Qty: 1

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MotorScrubber Melamine Pad

Melamine Pad

Tough mark and stain removal.

Qty: 2

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MotorScrubber Microfibre pad

Microfibre​ Pad

For polishing glass, mirrors and stainless steel.

Qty: 1

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MotorScrubber Tile & Grout Brush

Tile & Grout Brush

Tile and grout restoration and deep cleaning.

Qty: 1

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MotorScrubber White Twister Pad

White Twister Pad

For refurbishing floors.

Qty: 1

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MotorScrubber BLADE S-fibre

S-Fibre (Scrub)

Attach to BLADE, for use on rough floors.

Qty: 2

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View S-Fibre Pad
MotorScrubber Delicate Brush

Delicate Brush

Designed for short pile commercial carpets and wooden surfaces.

Qty: 1

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MotorScrubber Yellow Twister Pad

Yellow Twister Pad

For shining floors.

Qty: 1

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MotorScrubber BLADE G-fibre

G-Fibre (Glide)

Attach to BLADE, for use on smooth floors.

Qty: 2

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MotorScrubber BLADE A-fibre

A-Fibre (Absorbs)

Attach to BLADE, Absorbs 500ml/0.13gal of liquid.

Qty: 2

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View A-Fibre Pad

Optional Extras

Add to your M-Case Complete Kit.

MotorScrubber Suction Kit

Suction Kit

Upgrade JET3 to include suction and dry as you scrub. Fits to any wet vacuum.

MotorScrubbe STORM spraying disinfectant.
MotorScrubber Green grit stair brush

STORM™ and M-Wipes

The new standard in touch point disinfection. Kill viruses on the go.

Green Stair Brush

Perfect for outdoor steps and industrial factory floors.

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