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Referral Rewards

Want to refer a school?

That's great! We're sure they will love our DMT system as much as you do!

What does this mean for your school?

For every school you refer, you will receive £50* worth of credit to spend on MotorScrubber Accessories or additional products.


How do Referral Rewards work?

It's as easy as  one, two, three, four.

Fill in the referral form below with the details of the school or schools you wish to refer. 

Fill In Referral Form

Forward Email

You will then receive an email with a unique referral code to send onto your referred school or schools.

You're Rewarded

You will receive £50* worth of credit for every school you  refer.

*Referred schools will need to purchase the DMT system for you to receive your credit.

They're Rewarded

The school you refer will get to know about our exclusive discounted price and have access to join Referral Rewards to gain £50 credit.

Start Your Referral and Be Rewarded

Your Information

Their Information

Thank You For Your Referral

You will receive an email shortly with a unique code to forward onto your chosen school.

Contact Us

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