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of all cleaners experience muscular aches, pain and discomfort.

(European Agency for Safety & Health At Work)


There are two primary risk factors that contribute to the progression of MSDs:


The loading magnitude

This is the amount of physical effort applied including the weights that are handled or the forces to be opposed.

The exposure period

This is the length and frequency of the physical activity leading to fatigue and need for recovery.

Over longer periods of time, these will be overarching top level factors resulting in the decrease of cleaners available to work.


Nos centramos en el rendimiento y la velocidad para que pueda ofrecer un estándar de limpieza de cinco estrellas en el menor tiempo posible.

Empujamos los límites de lo que es mecánicamente posible, estableciendo estándares a través de la invención y la innovación. Usando la ciencia, reinventamos el proceso de limpieza para un mundo moderno. Nuestro talentoso equipo de diseño interno diseña meticulosamente cada elemento para garantizar la longevidad y confiabilidad en todas nuestras máquinas.

Nuestra visión es simple; cada edificio necesita un MotorScrubber.

Back Pain Animated GIF.gif

of UK cleaners require time off work due to aches and pains caused by cleaning equipment used in the workplace.

(European Agency for Safety & Health At Work)




1. Neck (33%)

2. Right shoulder (23%)

3. Right wrist/hand (22%)

4. Knees (24%)

5. Lower back (46%)



Many of the working conditions that lead to MSDs can be alleviated by choosing more ergonomically designed cleaning equipment. Qualities that can significantly help reduce the chances of MSDs include:


  • Lightweight equipment, to prevent over-exertion during lifting and transporting.

  • Adjustable/extendable handles to help maintain correct posture throughout cleaning tasks.

  • Angled/swivel handles to minimise wrist strain and movement.

  • Comfortable/moulded grips for hand positioning and reduced vibration from the machine.

  • A low drag design can dramatically reduce the amount of push/pull force required.

  • A low centre of gravity to help spread the weight of machines during lifting and transporting.

SHOCK has been designed from day one with user ergonomics in mind. Our customers love the single handed usability that allows them to clean hard to reach areas without the need for additional force or flexibility.

1. Many cleaning solutions are distributed via a trigger system on alternative tools and on water bottles and sprays. SHOCK has a simple on-demand targeted spray system, using a single button. This alleviates repetitive triggering which can cause long term damage to the fingers and hands.

2. The telescopic pole adjusts to any user height to help maintain correct posture and the lightweight design makes it easy to lift and transport.


3. The cleaning head has a low centre of gravity and a centralised yoke - this allows SHOCK to be used with a single hand, maintaining 100% surface contact and manoeuvrability - even when parallel with the floor.


There is no additional weight of power or cleaning solution on the machine, making it the lightest cleaning tool of it's kind.


The weight is built into the backpack system which is designed to evenly distribute this weight. The removal of this weight from the hands reduces the strain of pushing and pulling, drastically reducing the chances of repetitive strain injuries and potential long-term MSDs.

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