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MotorScrubber launches Generation 3 - The professional cleaning equipment set to change the world

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

CEO of MotorScrubber demonstrating Generation 3 Machines.

MotorScrubber launches a new Generation of professional cleaning equipment set to transform the way the world cleans.

Engineer Imre Killi, CEO of MotorScrubber and aspiring British inventor, officially launched the new Generation 3 cleaning machinery range and DMT System that gives you the freedom to Deep clean anywhere, Maintain surfaces and Transform the way you clean.

Prior to the UK launch event held at the prestigious Belfry Hotel and Spa Resort on 21st January 2020. Prototypes of Generation 3 had travelled across the world to countries famous for the world’s best cleaning equipment. Such as Moscow, South Korea, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, to London and Vegas, accumulating vast anticipation from large global distributing networks.

From cordless deep cleaning machines that extract dirt and kill bacteria in hard to reach areas, with motorised scrubbing, alloy gears and optional suction, to Power Harness Technology that protects the users posture, to transforming any brand of large scrubber dryer, enabling the user to clean 100% of any floors surface, MotorScrubber is focussed on solving everyday cleaning problems found in buildings around the world. Imre is set on revolutionising the Cleaning Industry by designing ultimate cleaning machines, which can and will give professional cleaners the results they need. Whether that’s cleaning floors, stairs, or walls in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, trains, boats and more.

“All our machines are designed to be maintenance free.” - Imre Killi

CEO of MotorScrubber in doing a speech in a conference room

Each product from the MotorScrubber Generation 3 range has been designed to make cleaning, easy, enjoyable and efficient, whilst delivering immaculate results and the added benefit of smart, convenient storage. The first products to be unveiled were the new and improved JET3 and M3, upgrades to the JET and MS2000 models.

“All our machines are continually developed to fine tune and improve their performance as new technology comes to the market.” – Imre Killi

The brand new Phantom Grey and Electric Red aluminium handle colours have completely transformed the styling and branding of the two powerful deep cleaning machines, perfectly partnered with a Steel Grey motor head and matching components to complete the seamless ‘dark’ look. The M10 Motor with up to 4-hours runtime powers the JET3 and M3. For hours of usability a soft rubber grip handle was designed and moulded for maximum comfort. Both machines have also been enhanced with QR technology for easy user training purposes.

Next to be unveiled was the 2 in 1 ultra microfibre system unlike any other mop on the current market, BLADE delivers a superior clean, whilst maintaining deep cleaned floors and surfaces. Ultra microfibre is a premium material up to 7x thinner and more absorbent than standard microfibre, effortlessly removing more dirt and bacteria. Partnered with BLADE, the squeegee allows for faster cleaning with up to 80x more pressure on the floor surface than conventional mops.

• Up to 80x more pressure

• Cleans up to 4x more surface area

• 2 in 1 System, squeegee & microfibre

• Colour coded ultra microfibre & Pole Collar

• No buckets needed, spray on demand

• Precision edge & grout cleaning

• Up to 80% laundry savings

“The future is organisation, speed and convenience.”

– Imre Killi

MotorScrubber have made unsightly cleaning cupboards a thing of the past by introducing their new Wall Dock. Designed to be a simple, smart and convenient storage unit to keep the DMT System neat and tidy, including the JET3 or M3, Power Harness and BLADE. Easily mount to the wall, just grab, clean and dock. This was highlighted at the launch event as the perfect solution for all existing and future MotorScrubber users who have limited storage space. The elevation of the machine will protect the products from getting damaged on the floor or mislaid in a cleaning cupboard. Users are also more likely to respect, and return the equipment to the correct storing space, when there is a designated location.

MotorScrubber are not just focussed on solving the cleaning needs for their users but their distribution network is also highly prioritised when new equipment is under development.

The last product of the Generation 3 range was the new MCase, designed especially for all MFORCE dealers travelling to demonstrations. The MCase works as a professional organiser for everything you need to complete a demonstration, giving a full insight to the MotorScrubber product range and doubles up as an instant display case. It can fit two machines, one with suction, Power Harness, BLADE injection handle, BLADE frame holder, five brush head pockets, two pad pockets and three BLADE fibre pocket holders.

Before final celebrations of the launch commenced, Imre left his guests with an unexpected, gripping glimpse of early Generation 4 developments, followed by an invitation to return in 2021 for the unveiling of Generation 4 and Project X.

2020 looks like an exciting year ahead for MotorScrubber and its MFORCE Partners.

If you would like to see the Generation 3 range and brand new product innovations, MotorScrubber will be exhibiting at The Manchester Cleaning Show on 25th – 26th March 2020 on stand D23.

Book your tickets online: https://cleaningshow.co.uk/manchester