All the power you need at your fingertips for an outstanding clean.

MotorScrubber Handy, the versatile and easy to use hand-held scrubbing tool.

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$89.00USD (exc. TAX)

About the HANDY model


For a versatile and easy to use handheld battery powered scrubbing tool choose MotorScrubber Handy. All the power you need at your fingertips for an outstanding clean. The highly compact and durable MotorScrubber Handy is waterproof by design making it ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms and vehicle cleaning. Its ergonomic design allows the user to work effectively and comfortably without tiring. 


This rechargeable multi-purpose cleaning tool is a must have for anyone, moving seamlessly between everyday tasks like tile, grout and oven cleaning. It gets into grooves, corners and slits such as tiles, door hinges, around taps and window frames and yet is powerful enough to clean larger surfaces like bathtubs and work surfaces. 


The Handy kit comes with multiple heads making light work of any job. We offer a selection of brush kits including the highly recommended stainless steel brush kit, the soft brush buffing kit and scouring pads. For double the runtime don't forget an extra battery. 



What's in the Handy Kit?

MotorScrubber Handy battery and charger
MotorScube Handy scouring pad
MotorScrubber Handy pad holder
MotorScruber Handy long bristle brush
MotorScrubber Handy crevice brush

Crevice Brush

Long Bristle Brush

Pad Holder

Scouring Pad

Battery + Charger

Handy Unit + Hard Brush